Hell Noah (the_blimp) wrote in alt_percussion,
Hell Noah


Hello, my name is Noah and I am a small time percussionist. I used to play guitar in a little known band called Dino Frenzy, but over time I have moved gradually toward percussion. Nowadays I'll pretty much pick up anything that makes noise. My instruments include tambourines, whistles, rain stick, guiro, and various homemade shakers.

Right now I'm saving up to buy a large wooden xylophone. Hopefully I'll get there soon. I've dreamed of owning one of those for a long time.

Anyway, if you like percussion, this is the place for you.
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Hi there Noah! My name is Jonas, and I live in Sweden. I have a profound interest in acoustic instruments of all kinds, and percussion is something I've been interested in since I discovered Caribbean, African and South American music in my teens (which was a looong time ago!).

My interest in acoustic instruments has created spin-offs in various directions. Right now I'm looking for bird calls and other whistles, of almost any kind. I also want to get a hand percussion instrument by Meinl, called "The Night"; a thing that produces the sound of crickets...

My favourite percussion instrument is probably the marimba/xylophone, and of course the flexatone! :-)
Yeah, I'm still saving up to get a xylophone. It's hard to tell good ones from bad ones because they are all different. I like to encorperate whistles into my routine, but I like to have a lot of them because I like to have a lot of different sounds. I guess I'm just never satisfied.
Hi! Hopefully your saving for a xylophone goes well... those things as bloody expensive. Worth it though. ^^

My name's Libby and I'm a percussionist in the school concert band. Officially I'm on mallets and I can see why you'd want a xylophone. I also have a small (very small... hehe) community for percussion and the variety of people who enjoy it.

My own favourite percussion instrument is stuck between the tympani and tubular bells. ;)
Well I'm sure your community is bigger than mine! I still haven't been able to save up for that xylophone yet. I probably shoulda bought it back when I had the money, but then I'd probably have a xylophone but no apartment. I guess it's a good trade off.

I always did love the bells. I'll probably never actually get the chance to play them though. Enjoy it while it lasts!
We don't even have any bells, but the Salvos played at a concert with us and brought theirs. Will need to get onto the head of department to throw a bit more money our way ^^

Heh, having a place to live is probably better in the long run... just when you do get a xylophone at least there'll be somewhere to play it!